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Fresh Install of Dapper

Posted by ubuntufan on October 7, 2006

Okay, so I just wrote about how great the upgrade process was, when I went from breezy to dapper using a dist upgrade, and it was or…it is…whatever. I started tinkering with my music library and quickly disocvered that the little 10 gig hard drive that I was using to test with, wasn’t going to cut it. I figured it was as good a time as ever to do a fresh install using the Dapper livecd install and the new graphical installer. I had a 40 gig drive in an external usb enclosure…perfect. So I swapped them out, putting the 10 gig back into the external enclosure so I could copy the stuff over that I needed.

Once everything was put back together, I booted from the cd and after what seemed like longer than it should have been, I was presented with an X desktop with an install icon. I double clicked and away it went. Just answer some questions and it starts the official install (7 steps in all)

I like the new graphical installer, but it just seems to take a long time to get anywhere, maybe it’s just me but the text based installer was fine, but I digress.

Once I rebooted, everything worked out of the schute. I mean everything, wireless card, sound, all of it. I also noticed that a the default theme had a little nicer polish than doing it via the dist upgrade. Again, maybe it’s just me, plecebo, or the beer, but it did seem like it was just a bit “different”. The only thing I can complain about is that the buttons on most dialog boxes have some lines in them.

dialog box

So now I have a fresh install of Dapper and it’s time to start setting up some applications and of course Apache, MySQL, PHP (AMP)….more on that later



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