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Getting to the Root

Posted by ubuntufan on December 27, 2006

I have been asked many times how to become root in Ubuntu. I often reply, “you don’t need to be root; just use sudo”. Some folks just can’t stand not having root access all the time. So in my quest to add something worth while every day, I’ll post a quick tutorial on how to become root and know the root password. First thing’s first….I don’t recommend this. You can severely cripple your system if you aren’t careful, so don’t come crying to me if you follow this and then accidently rm -fR / or something crazy like that.

First from a terminal window type sudo su – . Enter your password and you are now the equivelant of root (well, you actually ARE root according to whoami) From here you can type passwd and change the root password. I recommend using something besides “password” but security is up to you. Now you can login to the system as root…simple eh? Now you can say “Bow before me, for I am ROOT!!! Mwahahaha” if you like….enjoy the power



6 Responses to “Getting to the Root”

  1. Khaled Khalil said

    hi Dale
    i am a ubuntu user for about two weeks, but i tried many things to examine its capabilities,.. and mine 🙂
    it was strange the way i log on as root by sudo (sudo su for once) command, but i couldn’t either log on xwindow session, all is from terminals, and sometimes opening some gui programs from it(specially nautilus and konqueror :)), then i get nearly all i want
    but just for the challenge i changed my password in the same way you did, but i still didn’t removed all recursifly 😉

    my question is why is this sudo command ? why not using the ordinary su then ctrl+D, and are all debian based (including debian itself) releases use this way to act as root ?
    is their some security issues for logging as root or what ?

    thanks in advance

  2. ubuntufan said

    I am by far not an authority on the whys of Ubuntu. I am just a fan and an avid user. Here is a link that explains a lot about the sudo vs root issue. I hope this helps. Link


  3. deathblade said

    hey, i wanna make my ubuntu look cool like MAC OS X. Also can you tell
    me any virtualization software. I wanna run Knoppix on my Ubuntu


  4. Amazing issue, I didn’t thought reading this would be so great when I read the title!!

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  6. Alex said


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