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Hot Keys…Get Your Hot Keys

Posted by ubuntufan on December 29, 2006

Since I’m trying to keep this blog specifically pointed toward the Ubuntu distro and not any of the other *ubuntu variants, I’ll mostly talk about the Gnome environment. I’m an old school computer user, meaning that I like using the cli and keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a list of hot keys and what they do. These may work in other environments, but I’m only going to say that all of them work in Gnome. Let me know if I missed any.

ALT-Tab Task List Selection
Crtl-Alt-(F1-F12) Command prompt
Crtl-Alt-Backspace Restart XWindows
Crtl-C Copy the selected text or region onto the clipboard
Alt-(leftclick mouse) To hold on to the window/GUI and move it around
Ctrl-F Open Search(find) dialog
Alt-F2 Show the panel run application dialog
Alt-F1 Show the panel menu
Prnt Scrn Take a screenshot
Alt-Prnt Scrn Take a screenshot of active window
Ctrl-Alt-Arrow keys Switches to the workspace to the specified direction of the current workspace
Ctrl-Alt-D Minimizes all windows, and gives focus to the desktop
Ctrl-Alt-Tab Switches the focus between the panels and the desktop
Alt-F4 Closes the currently focused window
Alt-F5 Unmaximize the current window, if it is maximized
Alt-F7 Move the currently focused window
Alt-F8 Resize the currently focused window

Alt-F9 Minimize the current window
Alt-F10 Maximize the current window
Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Arrow keys Moves the current window to another workspace in the specified direction
Ctrl-N Create a new document or window
Ctrl-X Cut the selected text or region and place it on the clipboard
Ctrl-V Paste the contents of the clipboard
Ctrl-Z Undo the last action
Ctrl-S Save the current document to disk
F1 Launches Help
Tab Move between controls in the interface or items in a list
spacebar Activate or choose the selected item
F10 Activate the left-most menu of the application window
Shift-F10 Activate the context menu for the selected item
Esc Close a menu without selecting a menu item, or cancel a drag operation


4 Responses to “Hot Keys…Get Your Hot Keys”

  1. Khaled Khalil said

    Alt+Enter toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode (mainly for games:)), or may be it is not gnome shortcut
    Ctrl+F11 do this under gnome

    “Crtl-Alt-(F1-F12) Command prompt”
    i think it is from F1 to F6 only for tty, F7 for xwinow (gnome or whatever), F8-F12 i don’t know, they don’t work for me as command prompt but some balnk screen with a single underscore where i can’t write anything!

    most of gnome shortcuts can be custumized from System->Preference->Keyboard Shortcuts

    but i still need help ;)-
    can i make a program shortcut that could be run globaly by pressing that shortcut ?
    more clearly, i was a windows user in my formerly previous life (as most of us were), and i used to use windows task manager, it wasn’t bad compaired to Gnome system monitor, each has its benefits, back to the problem, in windows i can press Alt+Ctrl+Delete anytime and anywhere to open windows task manager also when running fullscreen games, is it possible under gnome or not, also does it concern gnome only or all xwindow system (for the full screen part)
    i am sorry if it is out of subject
    i am going to annoy you this days 🙂

  2. ubuntufan said

    There is a way to do this. It’s a bit involved for a comment so I’m going to write a post explaining it…it’s only for Gnome so you’re in luck. I should have it up in a bit.


  3. Alex said

    Where can i change the Hot keys I love to use mc and F10 is quit but in g-terminal instead i get menu activeted

  4. Eclectist said

    The easiest way is to go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts and ‘+Add’ a new shortcut. This will make a new shortcut in the dialog that can be edited just as one would edit any of the others in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog. Beware that many shortcuts (such as Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v for cut and paste in certain applications) are not listed in the dialog and you may be overwriting shortcuts that you use and didn’t realize.

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