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Little Problems

Posted by ubuntufan on January 4, 2007

I love Ubuntu…Debian in general, but the Ubuntu distro is very well put together. By necessity, I have a Windows box at home, which is where I installed Edgy and Beryl. Well, apparently, my Windows install/master boot record, doesn’t like Grub….at all. I get periodic blue screens o death and my screen saver doesn’t work for whatever reason (unless I log out…odd) My system exhibited the exact same results during a previous install shortly before a hard drive failure, so I chalked it up to the bad drive. This drive is new and it is doing the EXACT same thing. I can only assume it’s Grub. I booted into the recovery console and ran fixboot and fixmbr to write a new master boot record, and thusly making Ubuntu inaccessible, hoping to rectify the issue. No luck. I still get the blue screens. So now, I have to figure out what to do about that. I think I’ll just add a second drive for Ubuntu……sadly, I’m writing this from my desktop using Windows. Any suggestions??



One Response to “Little Problems”

  1. Ian said

    I had problems with errors from grub when I had Windows on one disk, and Ubuntu on the other.

    I ended up putting grub on a different partition and using the windows boot-loader to load Ubuntu.
    BootPart created the file windows needed to load Linux/Ubuntu. It solved my problem and works perfectly.

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