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System76 Computers?

Posted by ubuntufan on March 30, 2007

Okay, I may be a bit late to the party but humor me. I recently ran across http://www.system76.com . For those like me that didn’t know about them, they sell laptops, desktops, and servers preloaded with Ubuntu. Looking at the specs and the pricing, they seem to be feature rich and reasonably priced.  A quick peak at the bottom of the page(s) notes that they are an official Ubuntu Linux OEM. I have never seen any of these systems in person, but as you all know, I’m very “into” running Ubuntu on laptops. I guess my question is this…..does anyone out there have any experience with these guys/gals? Please post a comment if you have..I’m curious.
On a side note, if anyone from System76 reads this and wants to send me a laptop for long term (read permanent) testing let me know…servers and desktops are also welcomed 🙂



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Choose the right distro

Posted by ubuntufan on March 29, 2007

Ok, so by now you all know that I favor Ubuntu as a distro. However, there may be times when another distro would work better for me…say, I’m installing it on a PII 300 or something. Maybe I have other constraints. Which distribution would I choose then?

I ran across an interesting “test” to determine which Linux distro I should install. It’s called ….drum roll……

Linux Distribution Chooser

It asks quite a few questions ranging from technical knowledge to age of hardware. After you answer them, you get a number of results to choose from. I only took the test once and I was recommended Debian and Ubuntu 🙂



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Edgy on a T23

Posted by ubuntufan on March 28, 2007

So I compiled a Thinkpad T23 from a few non working laptops and ended up with a pretty nice system 1.13ghz PIII, 512mb of RAM, DVD ROM…It will make a nice system for our 11 yr old daughter.

I installed XP on it and was having some problems with updates for whatever reason and you know I don’t need much of an excuse to install Linux on anything, so I wanted to find out how well it would run Ubuntu Edgy (6.10).

After about 30 minutes, I had it up and running. I’m writing this post on it as a matter of fact. I think this will be a fine Linux laptop. The installer picked up all the hardware including my DLink wireless network card. Obviously, it won’t do any Beryl fanciness, but it should be a great system.

On a side note, I miss my T40, from my last job, so much, that I found one on ebay and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.


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