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Network Manager Applet Tips

Posted by ubuntufan on March 24, 2007

I know, I know…it’s been a while. I switched jobs and don’t have my T40 anymore. I was given a Dell Latitude D600 at my new job. This job is great..not a single windows server in the building 🙂 I was setting up the network manager applet and couldn’t get it to see my wireless interface. It would just say “no connection” After poking around the Google for a bit, I ran across the solution.

It appears that if you’ve already accessed an access point, the nm-applet won’t see your wireless interface. The solution? Edit /etc/network/interfaces. Find the section that has the line with your access point followed by your wep key, if applicable, and delete them…yep just whack em. Right click on the nm-applet icon and disable networking. Right click on it again, enable networking, and you should be set.

I used automatix2 to install the networ manager, but you can also use apt….I think it’s just apt-get install network-manager but someone correct me if I’m wrong


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