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Edgy on a T23

Posted by ubuntufan on March 28, 2007

So I compiled a Thinkpad T23 from a few non working laptops and ended up with a pretty nice system 1.13ghz PIII, 512mb of RAM, DVD ROM…It will make a nice system for our 11 yr old daughter.

I installed XP on it and was having some problems with updates for whatever reason and you know I don’t need much of an excuse to install Linux on anything, so I wanted to find out how well it would run Ubuntu Edgy (6.10).

After about 30 minutes, I had it up and running. I’m writing this post on it as a matter of fact. I think this will be a fine Linux laptop. The installer picked up all the hardware including my DLink wireless network card. Obviously, it won’t do any Beryl fanciness, but it should be a great system.

On a side note, I miss my T40, from my last job, so much, that I found one on ebay and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.



One Response to “Edgy on a T23”

  1. Guillermo said

    I have Dapper Drake installed on my T30 and work great!, but Edgy could not work with my Intel Pro wireless it found it, but can’t connect to networks, so I am with Dapper again (I also tested Feisty with no results)

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