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Remote X Applications

Posted by ubuntufan on August 17, 2007

I know, I know…I’ve disappeared for a while. Summer is busy for me and I had to…..well I really have no excuse, but I’m back again for at least a while.

As you may or probably do not know, my work environment is composed of 29 glorious, non-windows servers. A fair amount of them are Solaris 9 with a dusting of Solaris 10, with the rest being various Linux distros. I wish I could change them all to the same distro but everything works, so I won’t complain too much. I occasionally wander away from the command line and need to run an X application of some sort; usually an installer. No problem right? From a CLI, just type xhost + , ssh to the Solaris box I need, export the display and that’s it…run any X app you like. Wait…what’s this? Error: Can’t open display: ????

This was making me mad….I had to install Oracle and didn’t feel like having to dig around to find out what the problem was. I brought up my Chatzilla window and logged into #ubuntu ( a great place for answers) The solution was simple and I believe it is a new security “feature” in 7.04 ( but I’m not 100% sure) All you have to do is go to the system menu, click on Administration and then click on Login Window. From there, click on the security tab and un-check the “Deny TCP connections to Xserver” check box….that’s it. Everything will work as expected from there.

There is a chance that this could possibly be a security hole but it’s easy enough to toggle on and off when needed if you’re paranoid. Hope this helps.



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Network Manager Applet Tips

Posted by ubuntufan on March 24, 2007

I know, I know…it’s been a while. I switched jobs and don’t have my T40 anymore. I was given a Dell Latitude D600 at my new job. This job is great..not a single windows server in the building 🙂 I was setting up the network manager applet and couldn’t get it to see my wireless interface. It would just say “no connection” After poking around the Google for a bit, I ran across the solution.

It appears that if you’ve already accessed an access point, the nm-applet won’t see your wireless interface. The solution? Edit /etc/network/interfaces. Find the section that has the line with your access point followed by your wep key, if applicable, and delete them…yep just whack em. Right click on the nm-applet icon and disable networking. Right click on it again, enable networking, and you should be set.

I used automatix2 to install the networ manager, but you can also use apt….I think it’s just apt-get install network-manager but someone correct me if I’m wrong

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Getting to the Root

Posted by ubuntufan on December 27, 2006

I have been asked many times how to become root in Ubuntu. I often reply, “you don’t need to be root; just use sudo”. Some folks just can’t stand not having root access all the time. So in my quest to add something worth while every day, I’ll post a quick tutorial on how to become root and know the root password. First thing’s first….I don’t recommend this. You can severely cripple your system if you aren’t careful, so don’t come crying to me if you follow this and then accidently rm -fR / or something crazy like that.

First from a terminal window type sudo su – . Enter your password and you are now the equivelant of root (well, you actually ARE root according to whoami) From here you can type passwd and change the root password. I recommend using something besides “password” but security is up to you. Now you can login to the system as root…simple eh? Now you can say “Bow before me, for I am ROOT!!! Mwahahaha” if you like….enjoy the power


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