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Let’s Get Baked!

Posted by ubuntufan on December 26, 2006

At work, we use a fair bit of network storage. Too much if you ask me. Well, we have a new initiative to address our dwindling storage needs, but like a good little sys admin, I have to “mine” for free space . I know, you don’t care about my job duties, but stay with me it gets better. I have been having to get stuff to a windows system, then compress it then burn it to DVD, then put it in the storage safe and a copy also has to be stored offsite. We just purchased an external USB DVD burner made by HP. The thing is, in windows you have to install the software that came with it or XP won’t burn anything to it…I don’t like that but we live with it. Today I decided to try it on my T40 (running Dapper)

I read about GnomeBaker and decided to give it a shot. After sudo apt-get install gnomebaker, I was ready to go. I plugged in the burner and it popped up on my desktop…so far so good. Inserted a blank disc and got the little message telling me that I inserted blank media…still looking good. I launched GnomeBaker and it looked like it was ready to use the DVD burner to make a shiny new archive. Found my files and dragged (drug??) them into the “data DVD”. Clicked burn and boom….it was off and running. I was pleasently surprised. It just worked. I love it. GnomeBaker is a really nice little application. I haven’t used it but the once, but I think I’ll keep it 🙂 Below is a screenshot.gnomebaker


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